Art in a time of creativity fever

Gothenburg is a city full of surprise,  from numerous events in culture festival to striking installations for art exhibitions. The most impressive piece of art installation this year, in my opinions so far was the one in Röda Sten Art Centre, where Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art is going on.

These huge organic shapes were like something from human body.  The installation almost occupied the entire space, using very thin, light, stretchable fabrics with fine glass beads inside, hanging  from the ceiling down to the ground.

The work ” The Weight, the Time, the Body, the Moon and Love…wow! ” was made by Brasilien artist Ernesto Neto, he described his works as an exploration and a representation of the body’s landscape from within.  The soft and organic object created a dramatic contrast to the old and cold high-ceiling building of Röda sten, which gave me  a weird intimate excitement. This unusual man-made shape questioned the association of human body with the external environment, the concept of space, which I assume that was also the attempt of exploring the human’s emotion towards it.

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