A drop of water

How does a statuette represent the winning entrepreneurs’ vision and emotion?

The project was to design 11 pieces of  statuettes for the award event of Umeågalan 2010. It was assigned to my classmate Roy Pouliadou and me who were studying in Umeå Institute of Design. It was one and a half month project, intense but interesting working experience. The result was highly appreciated.

The goal was to design the new statuettes with a connection to its new visual identity.  Through the design, the  awarded entrepreneurs would easily associate themselves and their achievements with the industry in Umeå. We wanted to make the design as beautiful praise and that itself had a story to tell. It should be simple, durable and easy to produce locally.

The design
The moment of a drop of water falling and splashing is the concept that came from the logo of Umeågalan, where spheres represent companies. The concept for the statuettes, a drop that disturbs the water, symbolizes the company’s relation/contribution to the community of Umeå.

The local glass studio Glödheta realized the design. Glass is the material that is suitable for expressing a dynamic and fluent form. It is the best choice to mimic the motion and the quality of water splashing so that the form tells the story with its own voice. We use 11 different colors for each award so that the design is unique for each category.

We were invited to present the design on stage, with Sverker Olofsson.



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