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How do we adjust our traditional reading to a modern lifestyle with the requirement of customizing our reading material for personal use ?

This project was my MFA thesis project in School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg (HDK), in Sweden,2009. The design aimed to adapt the traditional reading to nowadays information society. It was designed to boost reading and sort information with simple steps.

The future of reading
Books are not dying. The book reading experience would always be unique and paper-based books would never be replaced by any other media completely in the future.

Erika and her friend visited the library often, they did research for their theater program in the Gothenburg City Library. They thought it was fun and inspiring process of having those physical material around.

” It is interesting to jump around among these books, discovering the possibilities and to be inspired by all different kinds of them.”

The style of reading is changing. Future reading is beyond books that interaction happens between material and readers, and information flows among different media, but books are not going to be replaced completely and the value would become greater in a perspective of culture, history and society.

My design
The goal is to create a handy tool to refresh traditional reading with the digital approach; a tool that will inspire readers to be engaged in reading and relevant activities.

The idea is narrowed down to a pen scanner, in a form inspired by pebbles. It can scan and store texts, search information with wireless, and be connected to a computer for editing. It can be used as a dictionary, a bookmark, a notebook and a scrap book to fulfill different needs while reading. The form aims to give an impression of simplicity and reliability, while it gives a firm and natural hold.

You can download the whole essay here.


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