Love you chocolate

When I see this package of chocolate, I feel I need to love myself a bit more…

Chocolate is never only chocolate. It can be the souvenir of a trip from Italy, the reward for a well-done work, the very good companion for a cup of afternoon tea or a token of love.

This was a self-initiated  project about chocolate branding and packaging for young people in a spring and summer season.  The aim was to design a new format that brought a sense of  intimacy and sweetness to target a group that would like a little treatment in daily life.

The sensation of opening a package was in focus the most. Opening the package can be as sensational as turning a page of your own diary or discovering a message from beloved one. Therefore the way of opening, the texture of paper, the inner structure of the package was important issue to be considered.

The following paper prototype was made of a single piece of paper. Dimensions were 90mm×120mm×6mm. It was for  a 60-80g chocolate bar. The flavor of Blueberry and raspberry were selected for variation. The letters were bold and in bright color as the design aimed at the younger market.

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