How to make use of wood veneer to create an interesting light atmosphere?

Together with Kvarnen Studio, we experimented with light and veneer to discover the opportunities of traditional material with low energy light.  The result was exhibited as Wood in progress with light at Wood Fusion 2008.

Inspired by a pinwheel spinning in the sun, I wanted to create an atomosphere lamp that soothes and delights people’s emotion. Sun Wheel is like a mini sun that emits soft light which cast beautiful light pattern to make the room warmer, cozier and more interesting which could be very welcomed in the dark and cold winter in Scandinavian areas.

Sunwheel at home

Started with experimenting light, and the nature of veneer, I found that the  sandwich structure of  trace paper and beech veneer were strong and flexible enough to be formed, bent and transmit light. It is designed to be a IKEA-style of light package and  easy to assemble.

Many friends liked this design and told me they would like to have one if it would be in the market. I was so glad it was appreciated. With the positive response,  I  am looking forward to develop it into a better design, with your support. If you find it interesting, please contact me, thank you.



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