Made by a piece of paper

Made by memories – when memories become furniture that lasts

The concept
We believe that products that carry a story are more valuable, interesting and important to people. This extra value makes people care more about their products and hold on to them for longer.

This was a project for exhibition in Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008. The theme “ Made by memories” reflected the idea that the most sustainable product is one that is built to last. Thoughts of design, craft and uniqueness will all be important qualities in the future.

My idea for a piece of furniture started with folding a sheet of paper like I did when I was a child. Paper could create anything you wanted it to. It is also good material for quick 3D sketches.

It is a sculptural piece of furniture that reflects the beauty of curves. It is also a piece of playful furniture that serves different purposes when it is needed. It is not only a rock stool or a side table, but also something you can hide behind and lean back to stretch oneself.

The making of it
By playing with the qualities of sheet metal and curling it like paper, you can begin to create many unique shapes from it. The making procedure included metal sheets and tubes bending , welding, finishing, and painting.

The glossy rose for painting gives a candy-sweet feeling that a piece of furniture can be sweetly  fun and anything if only you want to imagine, as the concept of “made by a piece of paper” recalls me that it is so simple to find happiness with an open creative mind as a child.

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