On the way home

“ I hear you call my name, and it feels like home…”

The exhibition “Hem och Hemlöshet” (home and homeless) at the City Museum was focusing on questions of having a home versus homelessness, in relation to social rights, city planning, feeling of rootlessness etc.

What is home?
Home is a place to live, family to be with, friends to rely on, a dog to play with. It is something that you connect with strongly and emotionally. It is somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. The objects and memories which only belong to you make you feel like home, like a piece of drawing in your childhood and the native language you speak.

My design with the other four students’ was an independent response to Göteborg City Museum’s exhibition with the same name. The purpose  was to create the discussion of “ what is home” and elicit the thought of people to cherish life and take care the others.

The installation
What do you think of when talking about “ home” ? Fellow students from Sweden, Denmark and South Korea drew their ideas and wrote down sentences which were so warm that they felt at home and thought of home.

I decided to set Home Frame, a wooden frame which had a cozy corner with personal belongings that people could reflect their thoughts by interacting with the installation.

Home Frame was made of wood and plastic glass, set in Kungsparken, a street park in the center of Gothenburg, during Christmas and new year,2007-2008 . It was 1600mm×1000mm×500mm, providing the small-sized inner space. It appeared like a cozy corner of a little girl’s, welcoming people to visit and leave messages.

I saw children’s foot prints in the frame, new drawings from visitors, battery-driven candles were well maintained, snow and wind messed up the interior and morning sunshine refreshed the wooden box. The response of people with the installation itself questioned the relation of private and public, care and careless, as well as home and homeless.



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